Spanish pop duo SINGLE will play @ ESFF Closing Party

DATE: 10th October, 2015

TIME: 10:15PM-11:45pm

VENUE: Closing Party at Traverse Bar + live show by Spanish pop duo SINGLE (Elefant Records)

TICKETS: Limited Capacity*.

*The tickets are free with your ESFF cinema tickets from the 10th of October, but due to the huge demand, they should be booked in advance in the following link: Eventbrite


SINGLE is a group led by San Sebasitian natives Teresa Iturrioz and Ibon Errazkin. Anyone who knows their past as the front-man and -woman of the cult band LE MANS and AVENTURAS DE KIRLIAN will find some clues in this new project that connect that legendary past to a magnificent future.

There is no other group like SINGLE. There is simply no one equal to them. They are capable of reinventing themselves continuously without losing a completely recognizable personality. It is a musical project that has no boundaries other than curiosity, inquisitiveness, and the desire to find new paths. Sometimes they are intimate and beautiful; other times, danceable and fun.

SINGLE’s music is a multicolour collage created by cutting and pasting together  miniatures of all kinds, creating impossible melodies and rhythms that are completely new. Their songs have a classic essence on top of rough bass lines and rhythms; skeletons of songs that are deconstructed and then built back up from the top down. Modern, intelligent pop, classicism turned inside out.