Fundraising event: Scottish oil down, Spanish oil up! Photos

cata6_23Our first fundraising event of the year for the festival – now in its third edition – took place last week in the shape of a screening and a wine and tapas tasting. This event allowed us to show case the best of peninsula popular culture: proving no soul cannot be lifted with good wine, tapas and excellent company. The evening began with the film Pelo Malo (2013), directed by Venezuelan Mariana Rondón, and winner of the Golden Seashell at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. A bittersweet story of a boy whose desire to straighten his hair for his school photo turns his whole world upside down.

Demanding topics such as childhood, sexual identity, uncertainty in motherhood and the obsession with the body, were countered with the arrival of food and drinks. Amaya Berrola and Adrián Buffuna explained to us how to prepare the salmorejo and tapas and about the flavours of the oils, whilst Alfonso Zapater guided us through the wines and cavas – the Bonne Homme, a particular favourite during the evening, can be found in Goya 23 and at Adrián en Malvarosa or some specialist stores in Edinburgh.

In summary; tapas, wine, a whole lot of cinema and an evening enjoyed.