ESFF 2016: Day 6

REYE’S CLUB + WITHOUT YOUR HEARTBEAT (Shortfilm) “Club de Reyes + Sin Tu Latido” (Cortometraje) Film Presentation by Andrea Barrionuevo (Director) Followed by a Q&A... Read More

ESFF 2016: Day 5

Primary School Screening DONKEY XOTE (Donkey Xote) Followed by an animation workshop & Salt workshop about Don Quijote SEX, MARACAS AND CHIHUAHUAS (Sexo, maracas y... Read More

ESFF 2016: Day 4

“SEX, MARACAS & CHIHUAHUAS” (Sexo, Maracas y Chihuahuas) Film Presentation by Diego Mas Trelles (Director) Followed by a Q&A with Diego Mas Trelles “THE KING... Read More

ESFF 2016: Day 3

An Autumn Without Berlin (UN OTOÑO SIN BERLIN) Film presentation by Lara Izagirre (Director) Photos Coming Soon

ESFF 2016: Day 2

“THE BRIDE” (La novia) Federico Garcia Lorca workshop with José Manuel Martín, Salt Spanish Academy ROUNDTABLE “Violence and survival, The men and women of EL... Read More

ESFF 2016: Day 1

“THE BRIDE” (La novia) Film presentation by Paula Ortiz (director) followed by a Q&A with Prof Nuria Capdevila from the University of Exter Opening Party... Read More

ESFF 2014

CHINESE TAKE-AWAY Introduction by Charlotte Gleghorn from The University of Edinburgh THE WISHFUL THINKERS Introduction by Javier Lafuente producer of The Wishful Thinkers WOUNDED Introduction by... Read More