ESFF 2017: Day 7

Zip & Zap and the Captain’s Island” (Zipi y Zape en la Isla del Capitán)

Film screening at the McDonald Road Library and Workshop by Pilar García de Leániz.

Photographs by Laura Feliu Lloberas




Film presentation followed by workshop by  Bethan Owen, Development Officer for Languages, and Marian Aréchaga, festival curator.

Photographs by Sergio Mangas


“Edinburgh Spanish Foody Film”

Film presentation followed by Q&A with Marian Aréchaga, Alberto Baamonde (Director), Jon Cooke (Member of Slow Food Movement) and Javier Olleros (Chef).

Photographs by Agatha Moreno


“Edinburgh Spanish Foody Tapas”

“Maria and Everybody Else” (María y los demás)

Film presentation followed by a Q&A with Miren Mania, Basque Fellow at Centre for Cultural Policy Research at The University of Edinburgh and Sergio Frade (Producer).

Photographs by Laura Feliu Lloberas