Almost 40

Lucía was a successful singer until separation of the duo that had made her a sensation and earned her fame drove her to a somewhat marginal position in the industry. Now she lives a more stable life, married and with two children, retired from the world of show business. But the plans of an old boyfriend from the days of her youth to make a small concert tour of several Spanish cities give her the excuse to get back onto the road. About to turn 40, the two will have to bear the intimate price of giving up on their life ideals.


“A story about two almost-lovers who have learned too early that their best years may already be behind them.” - The Hollywood Reporter
***Special Jury Prize at the Malaga Film Festival 2018***
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  • October 12, 2019 (6:15pm)


  • Romantic comedy


  • David Trueba

Main Cast

  • Lucía Jiménez, Fernando Ramallo, Vito Sanz

Release Year

  • 2018


  • Mins: 87'