Carmen and Lola

Carmen is a gypsy teenager who lives in the outskirts of Madrid. Like any other gypsy, she is destined to live a life that is repeated generation after generation: getting married and raising as many children as possible. But one day she meets Lola, an unusual gypsy who dreams of going to college, draws bird graffiti and is different. Carmen quickly develops a complicity with Lola, and both will try to carry forward their romance, despite the disadvantages and social discrimination to which they have to be submitted by their family.

Glasgow Film Theater: Introduction by Raquel Martínez Martín (Spanish Language Teaching Assistant, University of Strathclyde)


“Arantxa Echevarria combines a vibrantly realised sense of place and Spain's gypsy community with assured work with a cast of non-professional actors.” - Screen International

“[Director Arantxa Echevarria] not only respects the characters, she respects her two actresses.” - Cinemanía

***Goya Awards for Best New Director 2019***

***Goya Awards for Best Supporting Actress 2019***
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  • October 11, 2019 (8:30pm - Edinburgh)
  • October 22, 2019 (6:00pm - Glasgow)


  • Drama / Romance / LGBTQ


  • Arantxa Echevarría

Main Cast

  • Zaira Romero, Rosy Rodríguez, Moreno Borja

Release Year

  • 2018


  • Mins: 105'