The Shortest Afternoon

Premios Pávez Film Festival in Talavera de la Reina and the International Film Festival in Elche, come together to create a perfect afternoon of Spanish cinema with this selection of seven short films. A reflection on the society in which we live, demonstrating that physical appearance is not so important and that love has no age. Revealing gender inequalities and the pain addiction entails. Teaching us that there are no winners in war and that not everything is permissible on social media. An afternoon to laugh, get excited and fall in love with the best Spanish cinema.

MALPARTIDA (Malpartida) - Luis Reneo - 2019
Comedy - 26´
1936. Ventura Malpartida is a deserter from the Navy who has become a thief to survive, and has found his bones in a dungeon. A whim of chance gives him the opportunity to go free in exchange for fulfilling a strategic mission on which the future of Spain depends.

VERA (Vera) - Laura Rubirola Sala - 2019
Romantic Drama - 17´
Vera is a fifty-five-year-old woman who works as a night-time cleaner in an office building. Her passion for classical music means that, despite her schedules, she likes to enjoy the Palau de la Música concerts listening to them through her Walkman while working. During one of her days, Vera discovers an office that belongs to Miguel, a man who she has never seen, but whom she likes to imagine, thanks to the objects that he keeps on his desk.

FACE TO FACE (A la cara) - Javier Marco - 2020
Drama - 14´
Lina doesn’t mind people insulting her. But if they do, they should do it face to face.

CALVARY (Calvario) - Lluís Margarit - 2020
Romantic Comedy - 13´
Pablo, in a failed attempt to get back together with his ex girlfriend, he realizes he's going bald. Thereafter, he will do his best to achieve the two main challenges: not getting bald and get back with his ex girlfriend.

SILENCE CLUB (Club Silencio) - Irene Albanell - 2021
Drama - 19´
An afternoon that Martina, a ten year old kid, spends with her mother Alejandra. Mother and daughter have an incredible chemistry, but their relationship gets complicated because Alejandra’s contact with drugs.

SELECTION PROCESS (Proceso de selección) - Carla Pereira - 2020
Animation - 4´
A cat goes to a job interview where his aptitudes are assessed by three mice. As the interview progresses, the situation starts getting more and more awkward for everyone involved.

WEDDING DRESS (El vestido de novia) - Enrique Muñoz - 2021
Drama - 7´
The wedding dress tells through the harsh story of a woman how she was deprived of liberty for practically her entire life. A simple, sincere and direct monologue, which tells us about romantic love, toxic relationships and leaves us on the table how hard the life of a woman who suffers sexist violence can be.

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  • October 14, 2021 (Online)
  • October 15, 2021 (Online)
  • October 16, 2021 (Online)
  • October 17, 2021 (Online)
Spanish with English subtitles


  • Short Films


  • Organiced by Patricia Ramírez y Beatriz Corrochano (Pavez Awards)

Main Cast

  • Cert.15

Release Year

  • 2019-2021


  • Mins: 93´