Interview with Fernando Franco, Director of “Wounded”


In anticipation of his arrival in Edinburgh for the first edition of the ESFF, Fernando Franco, winner of the 2014 Goya Award for Best New Director, has granted us an interview to speak about ‘Wounded’, his acclaimed debut feature for which he received the Special Jury Prize at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.


What is “Wounded” about?

“Wounded” is the portrait of Ana, a young woman who suffers from borderline personality disorder. We follow her for ninety minutes on her emotional roller coaster with all her frustrated attempts to be happy and live a normal life.

Are there distinct Spanish cultural elements in the story?

This is a movie sustained by the psychological portrait of the main character more than cultural elements. Although they also appeared in the film, they are not essential pillars in the plot.

Do you think a British audience would understand the film in the same way that a Spanish audience would?

Possibly not. Wherever I have travelled showing the film I have found that, although the basic perception is the same, there are always cultural elements of each country that imply a particular vision of certain aspects.

Your film is shown on Saturday 11th of October; why should people go along to see it?

Because it is an opportunity to see a film that has not been screened in Edinburgh, and a chance to speak in a relaxed environment with the director about the film as well as other topics.