Concierto de música del grupo SINGLE en la fiesta de despedida del ESFF

FECHA: 10 de octubre del 2015

HORA: 10:15PM-11:45pm

VENUE: Fiesta de despedida del ESFF en el Traverse Bar + concierto del duo de pop español SINGLE (Elefant Records)

ENTRADAS: Aforo limitado*

*La entrada es gratis al enseñar tu entrada de cine del ESFF del 10 de octubre, pero debido a la demanda, hay que reservar la entrada con altelación en el siguiente enlace: Eventbrite


SINGLE is a group led by San Sebasitian natives Teresa Iturrioz and Ibon Errazkin. Anyone who knows their past as the front-man and -woman of the cult band LE MANS and AVENTURAS DE KIRLIAN will find some clues in this new project that connect that legendary past to a magnificent future.


There is no other group like SINGLE. There is simply no one equal to them. They are capable of reinventing themselves continuously without losing a completely recognizable personality. It is a musical project that has no boundaries other than curiosity, inquisitiveness, and the desire to find new paths. Sometimes they are intimate and beautiful; other times, danceable and fun.

SINGLE’s music is a multicolour collage created by cutting and pasting miniatures of all kinds, creating impossible melodies and rhythms that are completely new. Their songs have a classic essence on top of rough bases and rhythms, skeletons of songs that are deconstructed and then built back up from the top down. Modern, intelligent pop, classicism turned inside out.