La tarde en corto

This edition of The Shortest Evening presents a retrospective of short-films made by some of the directors previously invited to the festival. The program will include works from directors such as Jon Garaño, who opened the last festival with The Giant.

Mephistopheles and the Cursed Bag

Aitor Almuedo -Melodrama- 2013
 - 3'

Silent Movie

They opened the second edition of The Shortest Afternoon with their medium-length film of Alik.
In this tribute to Georges Méliès, Almuedo brothers show their talent crafting production design, composing music and creating parallel worlds for their films.

Pil Pil

Kristina Zorita - Comedy - 2019 - 7’

Basque language with English subtitles

A short film by the director of Samina, screened at this festival in 2015. Maite and Ane are driving back home when they are stopped at a sobriety checkpoint. Unexpectedly, Maite ends up having a culinary dispute with the policeman who stopped them.


Jose Mari Goenaga - Romantic comedy - 2005 - 9’

Spanish with subtitles

The co-director of Flowers and co-writer of The Giant, shows in this film how one can tuning with someone in the most unexpected places. Moreover, the sequel of this film, Renewable, is also screening in this showcase.

Next Station

Gabriel Velázquez and Chema de la Peña - Drama
 - 2012
 - 18'

Portuguese and Spanish with subtitles

Gabriel Velazquez, one of the most stylistically daring Spanish directors, presented Artico at ESFF in 2017.
Next Station tells the emotional journey of a young boy who is sent by his mother from Lisbon to his grandparents’ home in a Spanish village.

The Maya Deren Plot

Antonio Morales - Author comedy - 2015
 - 11'

Spanish with subtitles

A short-film directed by the director of Marisa in the Woods, screened during the 2017 edition of the ESFF.
Adela, a middle age woman, is visited by a young couple. She lives all alone in her huge flat, where the unusual will take place.


Violeta Trincado - Dark comedy - 2018
 - 12’

Spanish with subtitles.

Directed by Violeta Trincado. Edited and produced by Ana Murugarren and Joaquin Trincado, director and producer of The Figtree of the Bastards.
Zacarias is an optimistic homeless man who walks through Bilbao reflecting about chance.


Jon Garaño & Jose Mari Goenaga - Comedy - 2016 - 13’

The directors of Flowers present the sequel of Sintonía, also showed in this session. Once again, the protagonists of Sintonía made the unexpected happen. This is a rare opportunity to watch these two films together.

Los Pestiños de Mamá

Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz - Comedy
 - 16’

Spanish with subtitles

Directed by Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz, director of Hopeless Devoted, screened at the ESFF 2019 edition.
During the first Easter vacation after her mother’s dead, Rosa wishes to prepare the traditional Easter sweets, pestiños, the way her mother used to. This little project will require all the help she can get.
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  • October 6, 2019 (1:00pm)


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