Tarde en corto

A showcase of seven of the best short films directed by young talented directors from Castilla and León. Some of the directors will be with us for Q&A.

Lethe (Eric Romero) – 20’
A young amnesiac woman named Eve must piece together her fragmented memories while running from mysterious pursuers before the timer on her watch runs out.

Rupestre (Enrique Diego) – 6’
A wild horse meets a boy coming from the Paleolithic era. A bond of curiosity will grow between them, but old fears, inherited through millennia, will awaken too.

Backstage (Rafa García) – 11’
A theatre Diva is visited by her daughter.

Sold Out (Almudena Caminero) – 17’
Rosi runs an old movie theatre, which is about to close. During its last month, she encounters a mysterious young man who visits the theatre every day.

Mario (Carlos G. Velasco) – 9’
Mario's cries interrupt his mother, Elena, while she watches TV. As the boy's incessant tears roll down, Elena runs out of the house.

Me, the President (Arantxa Echevarría) – 18’
Ana becomes Prime Minister of Spain, without expecting it.

Time after Time (Pablo Silva Glez. & Peris Romano) – 16’
After watching the premiere of Back to Future, Pablo is about to lose his virginity with his lifetime love when something unexpected gets in his way.
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  • October 7, 2017 (15.15, Edinburgh- Filmhouse)


  • Eric Romero, Enrique Diego, Rafa García, Almudena Caminero, Carlos G. Velasco, Arantxa Echevarría, Pablo Silva Glez. & Peris Romano

Main Cast

  • Kirsty Findlay, Susi Sánchez, Beatriz Gutiérrez Aguado, Mary Anisi, Elisabeth Bigham, Gary Kozak

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