2014 Films

The Thirteen Roses

April 1939. With the entrance of Franco’s troops into Madrid, the war was almost over and the fascists were triumphant. Fearing the bloody repression that was approaching, many Republicans fled the country, while others could not or did not want to, such as the young protagonists of this true story.

In a Foreign Land

Documentary. The current financial crisis in Spain has forced many young people to emigrate in the hope of finding a better life. Edinburgh is one of the most popular destinations. The city is home to more than 20,000 Spanish people.

I decide. The train of freedom

February 2014. This documentary is a spontaneous and collective idea, created by more than eighty women working in the film and media industry. It captures the journeys of protesters from all over Europe, as well as Spain, as they go to Madrid to demonstrate against the government’s changes to the abortion law.

A Gun in Each Hand

Eight men in their forties are caught up in everyday situations that reveal a masculine identity crisis. They all share feelings of bewilderment, and their behaviour forms a mosaic of emotions that men don’t usually reveal. A portrait of the weaknesses and other “virtues” of men today; lost and confused as they search for a new identity.

Chinese Take-Away

Based on a true story, ‘Chinese Take-Away’ is a tragicomedy about life’s absurdities. The film revolves around Roberto, an embittered hardware store owner in Buenos Aires. Things take a surreal turn when Jun, a Chinese man with no money or understanding of Spanish, is thrown out of a taxi and into Roberto’s life.

The Wishful Thinkers

León is a naïve but impassioned young filmmaker who is trying to define his new project. While stuck in this period of rumination and procrastination, he and his friends kill time over coffee, meals, conversation, love and, especially, plenty of films.

Mugaritz: An Original Soundtrack

For three years, Felipe Ugarte explored the meaning, preparation and history of some of the culinary formulae at Mugaritz, voted the sixth best restaurant in the world. His goal was to perform these themes and ideas through the language of music.

15 Years and One Day

Margo is struggling to deal with her teenage son, Jon. After Jon is expelled from school, Margo sends him to live with his grandfather Max. ’15 Years and One Day’ was selected as the Spanish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards.

The Wild Ones

Alex, Gabi and Oki are three teenagers making their way through life in the city. Like any other teenagers, they like to push the boundaries that their parents and society have forced upon them, by drinking, fighting and spraying graffiti…


‘Wounded’ is the claustrophobic and acclaimed debut feature from one of the most noted editors in contemporary Spanish cinema, Fernando Franco (‘Blancanieves’). Winner of two Goya awards for New Director and Best Actress, the film was also honoured with the Special Jury Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

I Want You

‘I Want You’ is the sequel to ‘Three Steps Above Heaven’, one of the biggest hits in recent Spanish cinema. It follows Hache upon his return home after spending two years in London. His heart is still broken following the death of his best friend and from breaking up with Babi in the first film.

Tad, the Lost Explorer

Tad is a celebrity archeologist and adventurer just like his hero Max Mordon…but only in his dreams! In reality, Tad is a Chicago construction worker. ‘Tad, the Lost Explorer’ won three Goya awards: Animation, Adapted Script and New Director.

Born to Suffer

An unusual and hilarious romantic comedy about a group of women who are so generous and devoted that they become embroiled in a competition of one-upmanship; striving to outdo each other in kindness; and trying to win the gratitude of those around them.