2015 Films


Amadeo lives in a small, uneventful town. He works in a bar, plays table football better than anyone and he is in love with Laura. His simple routine falls to pieces when Grosso, a young local boy turned best football player in the world, returns determined to take revenge for the only game he has ever lost in his life.

Living is Easy with Eyes Closed

Spain, 1966. John Lennon heads to Almeria to work on Richard Lester’s anti-war film: How I Won the War. Antonio, an English teacher, decides to set out and meet his idol. On the way, he meets Belén, who has run away from the murky chains clamped upon her by her family and the social atmosphere reigning in the country.

5 Days to Dance

This documentary gives us a fascinating insight into two choreographers: Wilfried Van Poppel and Amaya Lubeigt. Based in Germany where they run dance workshops with secondary school classes, for the first time they will leave central Europe and travel to Spain to do a dance workshop with Spanish children.


Ane’s life turns around when an anonymously delivered bunch of flowers starts arriving at her home every week, always at the same time. Lourdes and Tere are also receiving mysterious bunches of flowers. Every week, an unknown person lays a bunch of flowers in memory of someone who was important in their lives.

80 Days

Where is the thin line that separates friendship from desire? Axun, a 70-year-old woman, is in a hospital taking care of her daughter’s ex-husband. To her surprise, the woman who takes care of the other patient in the same room turns out to be Maite, her best friend when they were teenagers and who is now openly lesbian.

7th Floor

One day just like any other, Marcelo steps out of the flat of his ex-wife to take their children to school. The kids propose a race downstairs ”to see who gets there first”. They’ll go down the stairs, while their father takes the lift. When he reaches the ground floor, there is no trace of the kids.


A young Spanish director, León Siminiani, is fired from his precarious job in television. Returning to his dream of making films, he travels to India to “find” his first feature film, only to realise that his true search is not in India, but in Madrid: he was running away.

25 Years After

Despite the fact that Gil de Biedma’s poetry output was brief, he became one of the most respected Spanish intellectuals of the second half of the 20th century. With foreboding lines such as the famous, “Of all the stories in history, the saddest is no doubt Spain’s, because it ends badly”, he is still being quoted today.

Las Sinsombrero

We all know the Generation of ’27 and their most relevant figures: Dalí, Buñuel, Lorca… But, were there no women in their group? Alongside the men of that group, a very talented group of women existed, created and succeeded.


After a six-year relationship, Alberto and Luisa are going through a crisis. One of the consequences of the recession is that they had to move to a small village in the middle of nowhere. She has to travel to Madrid every day to work whilst he takes care of their son.

Spanish Affair

Rafa, Andalusian to the bone, has never had to put a foot out of his beloved Seville. That is until one day, when his life gets turned upside down after his charm and romantic advances are rejected by a Basque girl called Amaia.

The Unexpected Life

Juanito is a Spanish actor living in New York. His career doesn’t take off; he is getting older and carries on performing in small Spanish plays whilst working as a waiter in a Spanish deli. When he receives the visit of his successful cousin, he will have to confront his reality.

My Dearest Señorita

Adela is a spinster in her forties who lives alone. She is aware that she is not a normal woman as she needs to shave every day and is attracted to her maid. The first Spanish film to talk about sexual orientation, which was a taboo subject during Franco’s regime.

Magical Girl

Alicia is an ailing child who dreams of the dress in the Japanese series Magical Girl Yukiko. Luis, her father, will do anything he can to make her dream come true. It is not long before her destiny becomes intertwined with those of Bàrbara, a pretty young girl with psychological issues.


Neneta lives without responsibilities or plans in a motor home on the coast of Spain. When her partner, ‘Wolf’, disappears without explanation she decides to go back to her hometown in Galicia.


A documentary that explains the origin, evolution, results and consequences of Spain’s modern culinary history in under an hour. More impressive still is the fact that this story is told by its key players: chefs, journalists and food critics.

The Shortest Evening

The ESFF is presenting its first showing of short films. However, Tarde en Corto, (The Shortest Evening) is more than just the showing of short films. It provides an opportunity for young Spanish filmmakers resident in Scotland to share their films and their experiences with the audience.