7th Floor

One day just like any other, Marcelo steps out of the flat of his ex-wife to take their children to school. The kids propose a race downstairs ''to see who gets there first''. They’ll go down the stairs, while their father takes the lift. When he reaches the ground floor, there is no trace of the kids. They’re not there. He can’t hear them in the stairwell. They don’t respond to his shouts. They don’t answer the mobile phone. His children, Luna, age 4, and Luca age 6, have completely vanished inside the building.

A thrilling psychological thriller starring by the multi-award winning Argentinian actors Ricardo Darín and Belén Rueda, star of Julia's Eyes and The Orphanage.


"An exercise in suspense that is at once modest, effective, and concise, held up by a very believable performance from Ricardo Darín." (Jordi Batlle Caminal: Diario La Vanguardia)


  • October 8, 2015 (20.15)


  • Patxi Amezcua

Main Cast

  • Belén Rueda, Ricardo Darín, Abel Dolz Doval, Charo Dolz Doval

Release Year

  • 2013