A Gun in Each Hand

Eight men in their forties are caught up in everyday situations that reveal a masculine identity crisis. They all share feelings of bewilderment, and their behaviour forms a mosaic of emotions that men don't usually reveal. Their inability to express what they feel leads them into comical and unusual situations that leave women astonished. A portrait of the weaknesses and other “virtues” of men today; lost and confused as they search for a new identity.


"The screenplay of 'A Gun in Each Hand' is written with intelligence and care, grace and complexity, and with a profound recognition of that force called human nature....and, of course, the film brings together an unbeatable cast that give a portrayal that is realistic, subtle, unsettling, and compelling in everything that they aim to tell us" (Carlos Boyero, El País)

"This is a stupendous film, not performed so much as lived by actors so natural that they provoke awe....The director here achieves one of his frequent miracles....Nothing less than the miracle of truth; ensuring that everything seems plausible, that the fourth wall vanishes and we are left with the feeling of real life. It is very difficult to do what has been accomplished by Cesc Gay, the finest craftsman in Spanish cinema." (Toni Vall, Fotogramas)

"At this point in his career, and thanks to his instantly recognizable cinematic creations, this most inestimable chronicler of his generation, Cesc Gay, has composed a simply priceless body of films." (Mirito Torreiro, Fotogramas)


SCREENING TIMES: Friday 10th at 9pm, Sunday 12th at 6pm.


  • Cesc Gay

Main Cast

  • Eduard Fernández, Luis Tosar, Javier Cámara, Leonor Watling, Candela Peña

Release Year

  • 2012