Neneta lives without responsibilities or plans in a motor home on the coast of Spain. When her partner, 'Wolf', disappears without explanation she decides to go back to her hometown in Galicia - a difficult decision involving returning to her mother and finding a job, which she finally gets as a construction worker. With courage and sense of humor she overcomes the hard labour and male-dominated environment. But 'Wolf' comes back and she must confront the decision to run with him again or stay and build a life for her and her child.

Winner of Best Film, Best Script and Best Director awards at Premios Mestre Mateo del Audiovisual Gallego.

**The ESFF is very excited to welcome the director of 'Aces', Alfonso Zarauza, who will present the film and answer some questions of the audience.


"An intelligent and very well performed work" (M. Torreiro: Fotogramas)

"Lola Dueñas is extraordinary (...) Everything we see in this film is something we have seen before, not in other films but in the world around us, and this is what gives the film its closeness to reality" (E. Rodríguez Marchante: Diario ABC)


  • October 6, 2015 (18.00)
  • October 7, 2015 (20.30)


  • Alfonso Zarauza

Main Cast

  • Lola Dueñas, Luis Tosar, Juan Carlos Vellido

Release Year

  • 2014