Bad Day to Go Fishing

Ex-wrestling star Jacob Van Oppen and his manager Orsini make a good living staging fake wrestling matches in small South American towns. Their arrival in yet another anonymous Uruguayan town is met with unusual and unsettling enthusiasm as they set out to stage another win for Van Oppen. This unassuming town of Santa María is more than they bargained for and events begin to spiral out of their control.

Álvaro Brechner presents us with an exceptional adaptation of the tale of Jacob y el Otro, by Juan Carlos Onetti.
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  • October 14, 2016 (15:20h)
  • October 15, 2016 (18:00h)


  • Álvaro Brechner

Main Cast

  • Gary Piquer, Jouko Ahola, Antonella Costa, César Troncoso, Bruno Aldecosea, Alfonso Tort, Jorge Temponi, Jenny Goldstein, Ignacio Cawen, Luis Lage, Enrique Vidal, Lucía Fernández. 

Release Year

  • 2009


  • Mins: 100