Born to Suffer

Aunt Flora (Petra Martínez) is a 70-year-old who has always had to care for others. She never married, and, as a result, all her relatives turned to her whenever they needed someone to take care of them; first her parents, then her three nieces. As time passes and her nieces become independent, she finds herself left with her long-lived, and also single, aunt Virtudes. Flora is happy to lend a hand, but as the saying goes...the road to hell is paved with good intentions. An unusual and hilarious romantic comedy about a group of women who are so generous and devoted that they become embroiled in a competition of one-upmanship; striving to outdo each other in kindness; and trying to win the gratitude of those around them.

**The screening of 'Born to suffer' will be preceded by the documentary 'I decide. The train of freedom' (more information available in the programme), and followed by a discussion on Film and Feminism, guided by Dr Bernard Bentley from the University of St Andrews.


"A truthful and trenchant verbal assault, 'Born to Suffer' speaks to (and gives voice to) women who seem to only have a voice in the mythical La Mancha of Almodóvar's films - and what they say is disarmingly funny, painful, and tender in equal measure, and much more modern, feminist and political than with other approaches." (Fausto Fernández, Fotogramas)

"Bolstered by the superb performances of Petra Martínez and Adriana Ozores, Albadalejo demonstrates that he knows as much about the soil as he does about ultramodern life. Here he has composed a screenplay that reveals an excellent grasp of traditional speech, of country expressions, and a great capacity for transporting the details of daily life to the big screen." (Javier Ocaña, El País)

"'Born to Suffer' gives the floor to those excellent supporting actors of Spanish cinema...led by a sublime Petra Martínez, the marvellous Antonio Gamero and María Elena Flores, for whom I've always had a soft-spot. All of them born to be passed on to posterity." (Fausto Fernández, Fotogramas)


Friday 10th at 5:15pm


  • Miguel Albadalejo

Main Cast

  • Petra Martínez, Mariola Fuentes, Malena Alterio, Adriana Ozores

Release Year

  • 2009