CartasVivas.Patches of Female Memory

In CartasVivas ( voices from women’s history come back to haunt and educate us, embodied by leading actresses from the Spanish-speaking world. This project recovers the legacy of women who played a key role in 20th-century history or actively lived through the social and literary avantgarde of Spain and Latin America. We present their thoughts and words in a new audiovisual educational format. This year´s edition of CartasVivas brings three Spanish women who fled Spain when the Civil War started, having embodied the identity of the Spanish New Woman, cosmopolitan and free, educated and independent. These feminists were ardent defenders of women´s education and of equality in pre-civil war Spain. Actresses Maite Jáuregui, Laura Arnáiz and Jude Arkwright become, respectively, MARGARITA COMAS CAMPS (Scientist and Teacher, Menorca, 1892 – Devon, 1972), CARMEN DE ZULUETA (Teacher and Writer, Madrid, 1916 – New York, 2010) and IRENE CLAREMONT DE CASTILLEJO (Psychoanalist and Writer, London, 1885-1967) in our series of CARTASVIVAS.


Podcasts, subtitling, film techniques, scriptwriting, historiographic research, film editing, and acting are some of the skills practiced in the workshops of the Aula CartasVivas, which have been attended by three generations of students from the University of Exeter. Educational institutions in the USA, Spain, the United Kingdom, and other European countries are also users of this platform.
The University of Edinburgh


  • October 6, 2023 (10.00am)
Spanish with English subtitles October 6, 2023 (10 AM)


  • Historic


  • Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles

Main Cast

  • Maite Jáuregui, Laura Arnáiz, Jude Arkwright

Release Year

  • 2023


  • Mins: 120'