Chinese Take-Away

Based on a true story, 'Chinese Take-Away' is a tragicomedy about life’s absurdities. The film revolves around Roberto (Ricardo Darín), an embittered hardware store owner in Buenos Aires. Things take a surreal turn when Jun (Ignacio Huang), a Chinese man with no money or understanding of Spanish, is thrown out of a taxi and into Roberto’s life. With nothing to his name, Jun has only an address tattooed on his arm. Against his better judgment, Roberto takes it upon himself to help Jun find out what on earth he is doing in South America. This award winning film plays out as a buddy movie, combining elements of black comedy and moving drama, and shows us that even two damaged men from opposite sides of the world can form an unconventional bond.


"'Chinese Take-Away' is a worthy and believable film, a story with a sad origin that insists on taking concepts as antiquated as compassion and solidarity and making them real. It is the portrait of a chosen solitude that hasn't sealed itself off in indifference, nor in self-importance." (Carlos Boyero, El País)

"The film shines, above all, thanks to Darín, who carries the weight of this bittersweet (or should it be 'sweet and sour'?) comedy. 'Chinese Take-Away' combines local flavour, humour, social critique and surreal flights, and is supported by an exemplary actor whose charisma explains why this film remained at the top of the box office in Argentina for months." (S. Brito, Diario Público)

"In 'Chinese Take-Away', above all, is the performance of Ricardo Darín. He makes you understand, respect, and even love that misanthrope that hasn't lost his heart." (Carlos Boyero, El País)


SCREENING TIMES: Sunday 12th at 4pm.


  • Sebastián Borenzstein

Main Cast

  • Ricardo Darín, Muriel Santa Ana, Ignacio Huang

Release Year

  • 2011