I decide. The train of freedom

February 2014. This documentary is a spontaneous and collective idea, created by more than eighty women working in the film and media industry. It captures the journeys of protesters from all over Europe, as well as Spain, as they go to Madrid to demonstrate against the government’s changes to the abortion law.

**The screening of 'I decide. The train of freedom' is part of a double bill that also includes the movie 'Born to suffer' (more information available in the programme).


"'I Decide' is a documentary that follows the arrival in Madrid of hundreds of people by train, plane, bus and car, and the simultaneous protests in other countries as well as Spain. It is a film that upholds the cries of 'They cannot continue to erase us from history', 'They cannot take away a right that belongs to us', 'We are not irresponsible human beings', 'We do not need supervision in managing our bodies'....The film, as Pilar Aguilar says, will be "a testament to that journey, and also a powerful tool to continue empowering ourselves." (Alicia Luna, ElHuffingtonPost)

"It is necessary to stress the importance of this film in the history of feminism, especially in Asturias, as this collective movement originated there. Until now, there hasn't been any such document that so aptly demonstrates the efforts of these feminist women in Asturias, who are far from being few in number. 'I decide: The Train of Freedom' will leave an historical testimony in the form of a visual record."(Cristina Blanco Muñiz, Asturias24)


SCREENING TIMES: Friday 10th at 5:15pm.


  • Collective Documentary

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  • 2014