I Want You

'I Want You' is the sequel to 'Three Steps Above Heaven', one of the biggest hits in recent Spanish cinema. It follows Hache (Mario Casas) upon his return home after spending two years in London. His heart is still broken following the death of his best friend and from breaking up with Babi (Maria Valverde) in the first film. When he meets Gin (Clara Lago), a wild photographer, singer and dancer, Hache is immediately smitten, but is still preoccupied with thoughts about Babi. 'I Want You' built on the success of 'Three Steps Above Heaven' and grossed more than €4 million in its first weekend in Spain.


"Several things stand out in 'I Want You': the charisma of Mario Casas, the charm of Marina Salas, and the dedication of an irresistible Clara Lago." (Fausto Fernández, Fotogramas)


SCREENING TIMES: Friday 10th at 4pm.


  • Fernando González Molina

Main Cast

  • Mario Casas, Clara Lago, María Valverde

Release Year

  • 2012