Juan, a prison officer, silently observes Berta, a mother of a prisoner who visits him every Sunday. The day Juan finally manages to get close to her, he finds himself pretending to be another father and inventing a daughter inside the prison: Josefina. The need to fill the emptiness in which Juan and Berta live leads them to continue meeting each other beyond the reality that surrounds them.

Cert. 15


- Premios Goya 2021: 3 nominaciones, incl. mejor director, novel y actriz (Emma Suárez)

- Premios Feroz 2021: Nominada a mejor actor (Roberto Álamo)
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  • October 12, 2022 (6:00pm)
Spanish with English subtitles


  • Drama


  • Javier Marco

Main Cast

  • Emma Suárez, Roberto Álamo, Miguel Bernardeau, Olivia Delcán

Release Year

  • 2021


  • Mins: 90’