Shortfilm Showcase: the Shortest Afternoon

Alik: Aitor Almuedo

Alik is trapped in another time, in a magic universe, but he has a mission that will change his destiny.

Koturouram: Nelisa Alcalde

A moving trip to the heart of India.

Run: Daniel Rendón

The strange friendship of two people with only one thing in common: their illness.

The Wind: Terry Berne and Cristina Roselló

After years of sacrifice, Fausto finds himself blown by the wind.

Funny Story: Luis Sánchez-Polack

Black comedy in which we can see the excitement of a bride just before her wedding day.

It wasn't me: Ángel Ripalda

A young boy fights to prove his innocence. Who will believe him?

Stalingrad: Anyora Sánchez

A Spanish shepherd in love with a Russian teacher tries to convince his mother that love has nothing to do with religion or nationality.

Interlining: Luis Sánchez-Polack

Our fate is in the hands of three sisters: Clotho, Atrophos and Laquesis. The latter has decided to destroy the world, but love has yet to have the final word.

Musicidio: Ferriol Tugues

The love of music of a street bagpiper brings the hatred of his neighbours, but he will never give up on playing.
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  • October 9, 2016 (13:00h)


  • Angélica Saludes

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