After a six-year relationship, Alberto and Luisa are going through a crisis. One of the consequences of the recession is that they had to move to a small village in the middle of nowhere. She has to travel to Madrid every day to work whilst he takes care of their son. However, they are not alone in their crisis, Alberto's brother Juan has eyes only for his young girlfriend, and Luisa's sister, always proud of being single, is considering getting married. An optimistic comedy about how a group of friends in their 40’s face the challenges experienced by many in present-day society: the lack of jobs and opportunities, the search for a better life and love stories that are rarely “forever” anymore.


"One only wishes other directors of Álvarez Armero's generation had his lucidity, and moreover, his ability to tell us serious things with humour." (Pere Vall: Fotogramas)

"A wonderful ensemble.... The director knows what he's talking about, and he presents it with grace and a slightly nostalgic touch." (Javier Ocaña: Diario El País)


  • October 10, 2015 (20.30)


  • Álvaro Fernández Armero

Main Cast

  • Inma Cuesta, Raúl Arévalo, Candela Peña, Alberto San Juan

Release Year

  • 2014