Las Sinsombrero

We all know the Generation of ’27 and their most relevant figures: Dalí, Buñuel, Lorca... But, were there no women in their group? Alongside the men of that group, a very talented group of women existed, created and succeeded. They equaled their male counterparts throughout years of creative explosion and civil liberties that would transform Spain’s history forever. Gradually, however, these women were forgotten during Franco's reign. 'Las Sinsombrero' recovers the memory of these women, as fundamental figures of the cultural history of a country that never claimed them. This documentary is an homage to those strong, brilliant artists, ahead of their time in their work, yet left in the shadows of history.

**The ESFF is excited to welcome the director of 'Las Sinsombrero', Tania Balló, who will discuss her film and answer some questions from the audience.


  • October 2, 2015 (18.00)
  • October 3, 2015 (12.45)


  • Tania Balló, Serrana Torres y Manuel Jiménez Núñez

Main Cast

Release Year

  • 2015