A documentary that explains the origin, evolution, results and consequences of Spain’s modern culinary history in under an hour. More impressive still is the fact that this story is told by its key players: chefs, journalists and food critics. These 35 years have been awash in rivers of ink, mostly in the written press about this topic, at the same time that television has discovered an unstoppable goldmine of entertainment in cooking and gastronomy. The directors wisely chose representatives from the three generations of chefs that have led and experienced first-hand the profound changes that have taken place in this profession.

**The ESFF is very excited to welcome directors of 'Snacks' Cristina Jolonch and Verónica Escuer, who will present the film and answer some questions of the audience. The screening will be followed by the finest selection of Spanish drinks and tapas.


  • October 8, 2015 (18.00)


  • Cristina Jolonch y Verónica Escuer

Main Cast

Release Year

  • 2015