Chile, in the early 1970s. A violent far-right nationalist group is looking to overthrow Allende's government. Amid the fervour of crime and conspiracy, group members Inés, her husband Justo and best friend Gerardo pull off a political crime that changes the course of history. At the same time, entangled in a dangerous and passionate love triangle, the shadow of betrayal will forever separate them - that is, until forty years, when revenge and obsession compel Gerardo to revive the nationalist cause of his youth. But Inés is now a powerful businesswoman and, as the police monitor Gerardo and his growing home arsenal, she will do whatever it takes to keep him from revealing her, and her husband Justo's, political and sexual past.




  • Drama, Thriller


  • Andrés Wood

Main Cast

  • Mercedes Morán, María Valverde, Marcelo Alonso, Pedro Fontaine, Gabriel Urzúa, Felipe Armas...

Release Year

  • 2019


  • Mins: 100'