The Bastards’ Fig Tree

Near the end of the Spanish Civil War, a “trigger happy” fascist soldier turns into a singular hermit. He gets caught up in the care of a fig tree after the look in a ten year old child’s eyes, son of one of his victims, awakes in him the certainty that the kid will kill him as soon as he reaches sixteen years of age.


“The most delightful thing for a director is to be provided with a good story and a good casting to entertain the audience. In “The Bastards Fig Tree” I have the fortune of having both, an excellent novel written by Ramiro Pinilla, hard and crazy at the same time, and a troupe of amazing actors. Karra Elejalde, in an incredible moment, has found in the character of Rogelio his match to gift us with one of those wonderful performances that movie making holds from time to time.”

Ana Murugarren
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  • October 7, 2018 (17:40, Edinburgh - Filmhouse)
  • October 8, 2018 (20:30, Edinburgh - Filmhouse)


  • Comedy/Drama


  • Ana Murugarren

Main Cast

  • Karra Elejalde, Pepa Aniorte, Carlos Areces

Release Year

  • 2017


  • Mins: 103'