The Bride

Directed by Paula Ortiz and based on Bodas de sangre (Blood Wedding) by Federico García Lorca, La Novia tells the story of an impossible love triangle between a bride, a groom and their lifelong friend Leonardo. As the wedding day approaches, complications emerge as true feelings are revealed and the struggle between desire and duty must be confronted in this tragic romance.

Paula Ortiz perfectly weaves the strands of this story together with her ability to layer together characters and situations with inspiring imagery.


The Bride (…) made our hearts beat with emotion and shrink with anguish, it made us feel tragic and in love, it made us discover that we can easily cry in the cinema because of the overwhelming emotions. The Bride (…) made us die of love.”  (Claudia Lorenzo – La Crítica)

   “Paula Ortiz perfectly weaves the challenge. It is her second feature film and it predicts a great artistic future because of her capacity to interlace characters and situations with very inspiring images.” (Lluís Bonet Mojica – La Vanguardia) 
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  • October 6, 2016 (18:00h)
  • October 7, 2016 (10:00h Secondary School Screening)
  • October 8, 2016 (18:20h)


  • Paula Ortiz

Main Cast

  • Inma Cuesta, Asier Etxeandía, Álex García, Luisa Gavasa, Carlos Álvarez-Novoa, Ana Fernández, Consuelo Trujillo, Leticia Dolera, María Alfonsa Rosso, Manuela Vellés, Mariana Cordero, Carmela del Campo, Álvaro Baumann, Anchel Pablo.

Release Year

  • 2015


  • Mins: 93