The Man Who Designed Spain

José María Cruz Novillo (Cuenca, 1936) redesigned Spain's image at a time of great national change – shifting from black and white to colour, from dictatorship to democracy. The postal service, the railways, the Socialist party, the flag of Madrid, the shield of the National Police, national currency bills (from 1979 to 1985), the logos of Endesa, Repsol, El Mundo, and some of the best known film posters of Spanish film history, all used designs by the same person: José María Cruz Novillo. But his work goes beyond that.

Cert. PG



  • Documentary, Design


  • Andrea Gutiérrez Bermejo & Miguel Larraya

Main Cast

  • José María Cruz Novillo, Joaquín Leguina, Alfonso Guerra, Pepe Cruz, Rafa Celda...

Release Year

  • 2019


  • Mins: 81'