The Plan

It’s 9am on a hot, summer morning in a neighbourhood of Madrid. Paco, Ramon and Andrade, three friends -unemployed since the company they worked for shut down- have arranged to meet to carry out their plan. When all three of them are finally there, an unexpected setback stops them from leaving the house: the car they were relying on has broken down. As they look for alternative transport arrangements, the friends will find themselves caught up in a series of uncomfortable discussions, that will slowly uncover a set of truths and questions leading to personal suffering that will change their friendship forever. Meanwhile, each second that passes gets them further and further away from executing their plan.




  • Comedy, Drama


  • Polo Menárguez

Main Cast

  • Antonio de la Torre, Raúl Arévalo and Chema del Barco

Release Year

  • 2019


  • Mins: 79'