The Shortest Afternoon

The Alicante Film Festival has preselected this year’s films. The theme of the showcase this year is focused on Spanish society, from political concerns to new lifestyles. The screening consists of seven short-films: four comedies, a drama, a thriller and a dystopia. These stories are told with a great deal of imagination, sense of humour and intrigue.

Ipdentical by Marco Huertas
Drama, 9'
Living in a dystopia Anna needs to find the connection to her childhood by music.

Different (Distintos) by Josevi García Herrero
Social Comedy, 20'
Manu realized that Down syndrome will not stop him to make his dream of helping people come true. He is determined to take his friend Sergio to a concert in Valencia.

Late for the Break Time (Tarde para el recreo) by Pablo Malo
Drama, 20'
Reveling some secrets can be difficult even for the best friends.

Invisible War (Guerra invisible) by Bernardo Hernández Conejero
Thriller, 17'
The mix of confusion and abuse of power can destroy innocent lives.

Attrition (Desgaste) by Adán Denada
Comedy, 4'
A radio interview with a politician reveals an unexpected truth.

Joint Custody (Custodia compartida) by Carlus Fábrega
Comedy, 6'
Pablito’s parents are separated. They meet in a café to ‘exchange’ him and argue about his well-being, again.

Three Grams of Faith (3 Gramos de fe) by José A. Campos.
Comedy, 15'
María is between a rock and hard place, but there is always a place for hope.
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  • October 6, 2018 (15:05, Edinburgh - Filmhouse)


  • José A. Campos, Carlus Fábrega, Adán Denada, Bernardo Hernández Conejero, Pablo Malo, Marco Huertas, Josevi García Herrero,

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Release Year

  • 2017-2018