The Wishful Thinkers

Shot in the style of the French Nouvelle Vague, Jonás Trueba’s second film is a black-and-white homage to the movie-making dream. The story follows León (Francesco Carril), a naïve but impassioned young film enthusiast living in the centre of Madrid. It is a film about the desire to make films, or about what some filmmakers do when they are not making films: about wasting time and time lost; about conversations, drinking binges, lunches and routines; about being in love, being alone and being with friends, all of which serve to create future memories for future films. 'The Wishful Thinkers' competed at the BAFICI in Buenos Aires, winning the Best Actor Award (Francesco Carril).

**This screening will be preceded by a video of the director, Jonás Trueba, introducing his film.


"The youngest of the Trueba family of filmmakers has cinema in his blood, and 'The Wishful Thinkers', alongside 'Every Song is About Me' (2010), is his letter of introduction." (B-Side Magazine)

"Important films, those that alter the cadence of our being and which we like to recall with eyes closed, are full of life. 'The Wishful Thinkers', the self-funded new work by Jonás Trueba, has become, almost unwittingly, one of them." (Andrea G. Bermejo, Cinemanía)

"Jonás Trueba hasn't made a film: he has gone out looking for one, and what he has found is priceless. What the audience sees on the screen is a meticulous articulation (the sound editing is notable) of those scattered ingredients that, together, work as a mechanism of utopian vision." (Jordi Costa, El País)


SCREENING TIMES: Saturday 11th at 8:30pm.


  • Jonás Trueba

Main Cast

  • Aura Garrido, Franceso Carril, Luis Miguel Madrid, Vito Sanz

Release Year

  • 2013