Where is the border between sanity and madness? Ana (Marian Álvarez) is 28 years old, works as an ambulance driver and loves her boyfriend. However, she is not happy and everyone describes her as a “difficult character”. Her attempt at a normal, conventional life fails as she is unaware that she suffers from what psychiatrists call Borderline Personality Disorder. 'Wounded' is the claustrophobic and acclaimed debut feature from one of the most noted editors in contemporary Spanish cinema, Fernando Franco ('Blancanieves'). Winner of two Goya awards for New Director and Actress, the film was also honoured with the Special Jury Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

**The ESFF is excited to welcome the director of 'Wounded', Fernando Franco, who will discuss his film following the first screening (only on Saturday the 11th).


"'Wounded', relentless and irreproachable in its mechanisms, is perfect." (Javier Ocaña, ElPaís)

"Borderline Personality Disorder...has rarely been treated with the concision, lack of sensationalism and rigour with which the short-film maker and editor, Fernando Franco, depicts it in this film. It is his first feature, and is perhaps the most outstanding debut in Spanish cinema in recent years." (Mirito Torreiro, Fotogramas)

"Marian Álvarez is one of those actresses who, without much fanfare, has become one of the greatest of her generation. Without a doubt, she graces us here with one of the bravest and most powerful performances of the year." (Lucía Ros, blogdecine)


SCREENING TIMES: Saturday 11th at 6pm, Sunday 12th at 1pm.


  • Fernando Franco

Main Cast

  • Marian Álvarez, Rosana Pastor, Manolo Solo, Andrés Gertrúdix

Release Year

  • 2013